I just enjoyed viewing the slide show entitled, “Prettiest Lighthouses In The World” on The Huffington Post.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/18/prettiest-lighthouses-in-_n_766620.html?ref=twitter  I have always loved lighthouses, and being that I have seen only a handful of them in person, I find myself obsessing over beautiful photographs of lighthouses when I come across them. 

Lighthouses have long been regarded as symbols of safety and were credited with helping ships make it out of danger’s way and into the safe comfort of their harbors.  They have provided light and direction, and in short, are immovable, with the exception of some grand force of nature.  A lighthouse had always been a constant for those who have looked to them.  Although many lighthouses are no longer in use because they have been replaced by more efficient, modern technologies, they are still figurative monuments in our lives.  Mine:  my mother, my husband, and my poetry and life-in-general mentor, Jack Myers.  Even when I’ve felt I could not see the light, they prodded me to keep moving forward, and sure enough, there it was:  their light, even if it was just a haze, and beside it, the harbor, be it what it may have been at the time.  Their light still shines brightly for me each day and I am beyond grateful.

A recent favorite lighthouse photograph by Fred Field appeared on the cover of the Spring 2010 issue of The Cafe Review.  http://www.thecafereview.com/?p=373 
Fred Field has taken other beautiful photographs of lighthouses and beautiful landscapes, and if you would like to view some of his work, you can do so by visiting his website:  http://fredfield.com/landscapes.html#id=album-4&num=15

Remember your lighthouses, and be a lighthouse yourself, Andrea

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