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New Year, New Hmmm…

Hello Blog and Blog followers,

I am at a crossroads.  And there are way too many directions, suggestions, dirt roads versus paved roads – well, you get my point.  I hope.

This year, my motto is “Running down a dream…”  Yes, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are serenading me in the background.  But, my feet are moving, and they are moving fast.  
I love to write.  I love to read.  I love writers/poets/creative souls in general.  I want to be a creative soul again.  So for 2011, I made a resolution:  Write more.  Read More.  Repeat the process.  Season to your liking.  So far, so good, with one minor exception:  my blog.  
And while I have only 3 subscribers currently, a number many would balk at, I like to look at the value of these 3 subscribers.  They believe in me; they believe in me enough to follow my blog.  Either that, or they think I am crazy, and well, sometimes I am, so I will take that too.  All in all, they still like me and/or my writing enough to click “subscribe.”  And yes, I know you should write for yourself and not for the reader, but sometimes I have mixed emotions on that front.  These emotions are fickle.  Very fickle.  
So, I ask you, my 3 dedicated, amazing readers who I cannot thank enough (along with you occasional visitors I am also very thankful for):  What would you like to see on my blog?  
I have some ideas as to what I would like to write, too many ideas in fact, but I want some sense of general direction.  I can’t have 331 different blogs.  I may have that many personalities, but I’ve got to consolidate and find some common ground.  
Thanks in advance for your feedback, and may your 2011 be full of hope, unpredictable laughter, and sparkling wine and biscotti, Andrea

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