Poodles, Sandwich Complaints, and Cold Drinks

I occasionally take to my Twitter to report my lunchtime observations, but lately such observations are worthy of more than quickly getting crammed into a 140-character count. Going forward, I’ve decided to include them on my blog and encourage others to share their observations.

Lunch is a time of reflection, a moment that allows you to break up the monotony of the work day, an opportunity to take in the little things we so often rush by without notice. Sometimes, these lunch breaks help bring a little sunshine to my day and remind me that everyone is unique, the world has so much to offer if we look for it, and that just when you might think you are weird or crazy, someone else is out there to prove you wrong.

My lunch observations for today:

Poodles on a cardigan can be cute. Who knew? Just keep the poodle-print small.

Don’t order a chicken sandwich and then yell at the poor girl delivering your food in front of the whole restaurant saying you specifically requested “no chicken” when the name of the sandwich has chicken in it. There is no job for a Chief Complaint Officer that I’ve heard of, and if there was one, I’m sure it would offer zero pay and matching benefits.

And if you’ve been cold all day complaining about how your feet felt like ice blocks and your fingers like little icicles, just stand around a soda fountain with a large group of people competing for drink refills, ice, lids and straws, and you’ll realize life isn’t as miserable as you deemed it all morning once someone drops their cold soda on you.

An aside:

A little girl with a Yorkie on her red sweater just came up to me and said, “I like your computer. It matches my sweater. Red is my magic color. Is it yours too?” Her mom must be the one wearing the poodle-print cardigan, and today, her little girl has brought the biggest smile to me even though I am sitting here shivering and writing while the soda on my clothes dry.

All in all, life is good today, and I promise I’m not being sarcastic. I hope yours is as well. 🙂

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