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Lunch observations: Books in Public, Job Interviews, and Love

Enjoyed a nice lunch with myself today; twittered a little, mused a lot, and caught up on some reading. A few observations from my chicken-tortilla-soup-and-tuna-sandwich hour:

1. If you are reading a book in a public restaurant, expect to be stared and smiled at. People may even worry about you. These “observers” make me worry. There is nothing wrong with eating lunch by yourself, and it is even better when a book is your companion. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Read away. And don’t look lonely or embarrassed. Be proud of the time you are taking for yourself. You are a student of life.

2. I don’t know why people hold a job interview over lunch. How awkward! It is hard enough to eat on a first date, much less a first interview, without obsessing over what you should eat, whether you have food in your teeth, how you managed to spill that raspberry tea on your shirt, etc. How can an interview be successful when you are musing over a lunch menu, drinking tea, and eating a whole plate of food? You lose a lot of important time and conversation – at least that is my opinion.

3. Love is all around if you look at listen for it. In a time when we are inundated with
negative news delivered to our PDA’s by the second, love is hiding out in the booth behind you, giggling and smiling. You may not know what the cute couple behind you might be laughing about, but you know that blended sound of two people’s laughter makes you want to giggle along with them without any reason whatsoever. Just because. Then they round the corner and you notice this little old man is helping this little adorable woman put on her coat. He is having difficulty with his task because she is at least a head taller than he is and he can barely lift his arms from his sides. Yet, he persists. They giggle some more. He finally conquers the coat, grabs her hand, and they walk out smiling as if on their first date. This couple will never know the smile they brought to a stranger’s face today.

Wishing you a happy day with lots of love and giggling in between!

Smile, Andrea

2 thoughts on “Lunch observations: Books in Public, Job Interviews, and Love

  1. I love these lunch time observations! Have you ever tried writing haibun? I haven't tried it but I plan to teach it this semester. It is combining non-fiction writing with a closing haiku 🙂

  2. Aw, thanks Jessie. 🙂 I am happy you like them! I really wish I could do them every day…I think the gym would un-friend me. ;)I've never heard of haibun…I will have to look it up. Sounds interesting!Hope you've had a great day! Andrea

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