May You Now Rest Peacefully

A little over a week ago, I wrote a poem entitled “Stage 4” and dedicated it to my best friend’s grandmother who had just been diagnosed with Stage Four cancer in her throat, lungs, and stomach. I’ve known Gram since I was 11 years old and she has been like a grandmother to me. Today, Barbara Wasiewski’s soul has moved into Heaven, and she can now rest without pain, without sadness, and in the peace she deserves. I have been blessed to have known such a beautiful soul in my life. She will live on in our hearts. I can see her sweet smile now.

Because poetry always helps me get through trying times, I began browsing The Poetry Foundation’s website and found a beautiful poem by Bryan D. Dietrich I thought I would share: “I Imagine My Father’s Death.” The last three lines of this touching poem:

He looks around marveling at this thing
his death has made, then sets out to find
someone, anyone with whom to share it.”

I love you, Gram. I’m playing “Barbara Ann” by The Beach Boys and toasting to you with a glass of red wine tonight.


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