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Haiku from a Tiny Tea Cup

I shared lunch with my Grandma again this afternoon and we talked over a bowl of her hearty caldo de res and finished it off with some flan.  While the food is always wonderful, the time with her is most filling. 🙂

Today, she was talking about her trip to Japan and the beautiful tea sets she saw. (She has quite the affinity for tea sets.)  Because she has so many as it is, she didn’t want to buy another set and risk it being damaged on the trip back home, so she asked the lady if she could buy just one cup.  The lady went to the back and returned apologetically saying she could not sell her just one cup.  As my grandparents were walking out the door, the lady handed them a bag and smiled.  Once outside, my Grandma unwrapped it and found the cup and saucer she was eyeing.  What a sweet gift: one perfect little cup and saucer.  Although the picture makes it look rather big, it is tiny, adorable.  A cutie doesn’t even fit in it!  She gave it to me today and said, “Now you have a piece of Japan in your home, mija.” 

A haiku inspired from our lunch today:


I can’t see the green
of your leaves, but I taste tea
from your tiny cup.


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