Lunch Conversations,Evolving Paparazzo Culture, and Hacky Sacks

Lunch observations for today:

  • I am often taken aback by the outrageous amount of gossip that goes on among women who are lunching together.  I get it:  women talk about women when they get together.  I am guilty of this too sometimes.  But today, I discovered another phenomenon:  Men do it too.  No, they don’t get together and gossip about other men, they gossip about women!  What she was wearing at work this morning, who so-and-so was caught talking to walking out of the office last night, etc.  Now, that is some competition!  I now have other tables of interest to draw my attention to at future lunch sessions. 
  • I am now convinced all these advancements in technology, namely cell phones with camera capabilities, are allowing for the evolution of paparazzo culture.  The new celebrity:  you, the incessant picture-taker.  No, not YOU.  But, you know who I am talking about.  You see these people all of the time, especially on Facebook.  I mean, how many profile pictures can one really snap of themselves in a week?  Wow.  And today, I saw something I’ve never seen before and hope to never see again:  a woman standing in the middle of Corner Bakery holding her cell phone as far away from herself as possible and smiling brightly to take her own picture.  No, no one else was in the picture with her, and there was no notable landmark anywhere around her.  Oh no.  What is going on in this world? 
  • Thankfully, a happy moment occurred right after this astounding one.  Outside, I noticed four little boys standing in a circle playing Hacky Sack.  It made my day to see that kids still find fun in such games (games that I enjoyed as a child) especially in this digital age.  Even cuter about this scene was that all four boys were playing with flip-flops on.

Wishing you a hacky-sacked-fun-in-the-sun kind of day!  Smile, Andrea

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