I Have a 6th Sense About Pregnant Women!

I know this has nothing to do with poetry or MFAs or even my lunch observations, but this is so amazing, I just have to share!

A great friend of mine in middle school who I have not seen in at least ten years has been on my mind a lot more than normal lately.  I’ve been thinking about her and telling myself I need to get in touch with her and send her a message.  Today, when I checked my Facebook, I noticed she had posted a comment, and she is not the comment-every-day-or-every-minute type.  It just struck me:  she was pregnant.  I knew it.  It was too weird.

I sent her an email with, “Are you preggos?” in the subject line and that was it.  She responded full of disbelief and excitement, asking who had given me the news and confirming she is 11 weeks pregnant.  I told her no one, but I had just been having this weird suspicion.  We are both just bewildered and amused!  We really don’t know what to say or think!  Now she wants to know if I think it will be a boy or a girl. 🙂

Life continues to amaze every day!  Praying for a healthy little one for her and her husband.

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