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My Eyes Hurt: Too Much Reading

Can one ever be reading too many books at any one time?  I think I’ve reached my limit tonight.  And I still have some reading to do for my real estate classes.  (sigh)  So much for the glass of red wine, the long bubble bath, and Sade in the background…I will just have to dream about that relaxing moment tonight.

I spent a lot of time this weekend doing research on regional literary journals/magazines (with great success) and journals for those of us who are finally facing their fears and committing to submitting (with not a lot of luck – aka work in progress.)

For those writers in Texas and perhaps bordering the New Mexico region:

American Literary Review
Gulf Coast
Southwest Review – I currently subscribe to this one and love it
The Texas Review Press 
Rio Grande Review
Front Porch
Iron Horse Review
Houston Literary Review
Puerto del Sol

I will work on the 2nd part of my research and post a list in the future.  If you know of a journal I should add to the current list or add to my future list, I would love your suggestion.

For now, happy reading, Andrea

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