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Poetry vs. Technology vs. The Bed

I got in trouble last night for reading poetry on my phone.  I blame it on the Poetry Foundation’s new app for my iPhone.  It is too easy to pull up a poem while I am in bed waiting for my husband to finish brushing his teeth or something of that nature.  I’m sorry that he decides to get in bed once I am mid-poem and has to wait for me to finish reading.  And if I love the poem, I will spend an extra minute or two adding it to my favorites, sharing it on my Facebook or Twitter, or even reading a little more about the poet and then maybe reading another poem or two from them.  You can see how easily the cycle perpetuates itself.  So, am I getting in trouble for reading poetry, or am I in trouble for being a technology fanatic?

I liken all this to a lot of men’s passion for sports.  Let’s talk basketball more specifically.  The NBA Finals are in full swing.  When my husband wants to turn on the television to catch a score on SportsCenter or just a few minutes of a certain game, I don’t get upset about it and feel completely irrelevant.  And I know that just like a Lay’s potato chip, he can never have just one.  One minute turns into an hour…it is a mean cycle too.  I long ago resigned to the fact that my husband loves sports, many of them, and when he is watching a game or highlights, he is indulging in his passion and will pay attention to me after that.  I don’t try to have a conversation with him while he is mid-game or try to distract him with imaginative things.  It is what it is. And he does it in bed too.

I guess what I really should be worried about this year is the NFL and them possibly not having a season.  I love football, but I love poetry more.

Smile, Andrea

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