From the Photo Shoot to the Photo Lab

This bull is my Diana Mini experience thus far, but I’m still smiling!

The first photo shoot went great.  Not really a planned photo shoot, but just a place I wanted to go back to because of all the photo opportunity.  I guilted my mom into joining me, but who would’ve thought we would’ve had so much fun being silly with a camera lens?

I forgot to advance my film a couple of times, fidgeted with the focus a little too often, and kept finding myself wanting to “check” my photo to make sure my shot came out now that my convenient little digital camera has programmed me to do so.  Those digital cameras sure spoil us.  I was afraid I was too close, too far away, not enough light…aaaahhhh!  The perfectionist in me was a little disappointed, but I had to roll with it.  I can’t be uptight about taking photos.  What then is the point?

On way way to the photo lab, I was plain giddy.  I think I called a handful of people to tell them what I was doing in hopes they would share in my excitement.  Nostalgia set in.  I felt like I was fifteen again, disposable camera in hand with film loaded with pictures of my high school crush who was completely unaware of my sneaky photo-snapping talents.  I couldn’t wait for the 1-hour processing time to pass.  Finally, photo folder in hand, I started thumbing through to see what I had captured.

The photos are a little grainy.  Some of the shots I was looking forward to didn’t come out because there was not enough light.  Either that or I forgot to take off the lens…(I somewhat recall having forgotten to do that!  Thank goodness for Mom!)  But, I did get some great shots.  Some I don’t even remember.  Now, what do I do with them?  Do Diana Mini photographers digitally enhance their images?  Is that cheating?  I still have a lot to learn!  I feel like I’m sitting in my first college poetry class, and even though I’ve written tons of poems up until now, I am now realizing I know a lot (and I mean A LOT) less than I think I did.  I need a teacher/coach/mentor!

Below are some shots I thought I would share.  I welcome any and all lomography tips and advice!

I have no idea how this happened, but I love it!

Mariachi Strings

Lifting La Virgen


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