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All This and More

Robert Lee Brewer’s November Poem-a-Day Challenge has begun.  You can follow/participate in the challenge on Twitter by using the #novpad hash tag, or by stopping by Robert’s Poetic Asides blog.  Every day during the month of November, he will be posting a new prompt for you to explore with your pen and paper or keyboard.  This is my second year participating and I’m looking forward to all the poetry this month.

This year, I am challenging myself a little more by reading a poem every day.  A nice poetry pairing of sorts, but being that I do read a lot and try to read poetry every day, I want to make this challenge a little more specific.  I want a continuous flow of poetry for the month, and am not really sure if this will create a nice flow, but it’s a thought nonetheless.  This extra poem a day will be outside of any book or journal I’m reading or anything I’ve randomly happened upon online.

I recently finished Lit by Mary Karr and was excited to read she is a poet.  I’m starting with a poem of hers today.  Tomorrow, I will read a poem by a poet she has been influenced or touched by, and so on down the line.  Today’s poem is “All This and More” and can I really say anymore after reading it?  Brilliant.

Happy writing/thinking/living to all, Andrea

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