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Recycle or Trash Bin?

I found three poems at the bottom of my duffel bag today. Two of them are unfinished are are destined to remain as such, I think. I may steal a few lines from them at some point. I may just throw them away altogether.

Do you ever experience this? Do you ever look at a poem you’ve written and think, “Wow, I really need to experience the world a little more and get some new or better writing material”? I think I’m in need of some travel…

Good thing I have poetry to transport me. I’m taking my time with Jane Hirshfield’s Come Thief. There are also a few lit mags on my nightstand waiting patiently.

There are four more days to enter to win Jack Myer’s brilliant collection entitled The Memory of Water. One can never have too many books to read. 😉

I hope your Thanksgiving not only left your belly full, but your heart as well.

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