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If Every Teardrop is a Waterfall…

Lots of people are sharing their resolutions on their blogs, which is a great thing and I love reading them, but just in case everyone’s resolutions are either spreading you a little thin in the blogosphere, I intend to keep mine short and sweet.

Yes, I make resolutions/goals at the start of the year. They act as my compass throughout the fleeting twelve months. I make two sets: three personal and three professional. This year, I’m adding another set for my writing (poetry) as well as my blog and they seem to go hand-in-hand.

For my writing:

  1. Bring it into FULL focus. Attend a writing workshop in May. Take another online class at some point. Keep researching MFA programs and possibilities. Keep connecting with other writers and continue building my writing community.
  2.  Dedicate one hour to writing and one to reading each day. #52poetry will live on in 2012 and I’m adding one novel per month to the mix.
  3. Strengthen my blog, which leads us to…

For my blog:

  1. Blog three times each week. Sundays will be dedicated to a poem for the week along with various reading and writing notes/resources. Tuesdays will be for talking/learning/exploring craft and I will continue to sprinkle in bits of Jack Myers’ The Portable Poetry Workshop. Thursday posts will be a tad more personal in nature and will include advice from Grandma/lunch with Grandma and will bring back lunch observations.
  2. Increase readership of other blogs and engage more in conversation. I’ve found a good handful of blogs I enjoy reading for diverse reasons, but they are all central to writing or poetry in some form or another. I want to keep building upon this community and with you.
  3. This is still up in the air but the wheels in my head are still turning about including a video reading once a month from a fellow poet/writer if they are willing. I’ve met some incredibly talented people and want to share the writing that inspires/moves me with the rest of you. (Fingers crossed.)
And last but not least, I always pick a song as my motto for the year, so without further ado, I bring you Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” What are your resolutions and what song would you chose as your motto?


9 thoughts on “If Every Teardrop is a Waterfall…

  1. wow, great goals! thank you so much for always reading and commenting on my blog. i'm right with you on engaging more with the online community. have an awesome year!

  2. I love coldplay… I love that song. It makes me think of spinning around in a field in the sunlight. Happy and freeing. That whole album's great, actually. I'll stop rambling now.Hope you have a fantastic 2012, Andee! Hope you meet all your goals ^_^

  3. Great goals here today. My hope for the new year is to grow and learn as a writer as I move toward publishing my novel. I love the idea of a song representing the year's motto, and will definitely keep that in mind as I listen to music in the coming days … Happy New Year to you!

  4. Jonterri – Thanks for always being a motivating force. You're going to be incredible this year! And I look forward to reading more of your poetry.Cate – Spinning around in the sunlight is a great thought for me this morning! Thanks for putting it in my mind. 🙂 All best to you in 2012 as well! Keep plugging away at it.Joanne – I look forward to hearing great news on your novel! Thanks for all your support. I hope to pay it forward this year. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  5. I like this a lot right now. I'm usually opposed New Years resolutions, but I've found that I've been lacking when it comes to consistently following through on a few areas in my life over the last year or two. So, thanks to this, I to have created my list following your format. If I can offer some advice, I've learned that displaying one's goals and having remainders in a variety of key places is quite important. I have e-post-it's on my desktop, on my work computer, and I recently ordered a Peel & Stick White Dry-Erase Message Board for a wall in my room – both for ideas and to list my goals. I've even read about people doing this in the shower, as some are most inspired there.

  6. Thank you! I'm happy you decided to write some goals down and post them in key places. I have a bulletin board in my office where I post them so I can see them daily, but I think the sticky notes on the desktop are a great idea as well! My best to you on seeing your goals coming to fruition this year!

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