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Poem Share and Other Good Finds Sunday

I love mail! New reading material…

The poem for this week is “Changing Genres” and comes from a book I am about to start reading, Dean Young’s Fall Higher. I thought the mail would never arrive! There are other poems from his book included at this link. Which one is your favorite?

The Washington Post brimmed with great stuff this week. “Is poetry dead? Or, in the age of the Internet, does it offer us what nothing else can?” The photo gallery heading this post is a must-see. What does poetry bring to your life?

Clifford Garstang’s 2012 Pushcart Prize Rankings for Poetry are out. He also compiles rankings on fiction and non-fiction.

An eloquent essay on poetry and its shifts of focus in life is Roya Hakakian’s “A Revolution On The Page: Finding Identity in Poetry” and includes “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke.

There is a new eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry out. Read about Fire on Her Tongue  on Diane Lockward’s blog.

And last but not least, give yourself two minutes of joy by watching this video: The Joy of Books. What book would you want to see dancing along the shelves in this video?

Oh, and one last thing, the Winter issue of Rose & Thorn Journal came out this morning! I’m humbled to have two poems “Affair” and “Flying Ant” in their line up along with my friend Jill Klein’s wonderful pair of poems “Migraine” and “Midnight Music.”

Wishing you happiness in your week, Andrea


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