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Time For Yourself, Postcards, and More Postcards

Just a few postcards today…

Some observations for today, and I guess we can call them lunch observations since I did all this during my lunch break:

1. It’s important to schedule time or yourself, even if you don’t feel you’re in need of any. I work from home and only interact with people via phone or email so it can get a little glum in my office now and then. So, I took myself to lunch today and decided I’m going to do it once a week. Even if it’s just for my tried-and-true tuna sandwich smothered in green chiles and avocado.

2. Who knew postcards could become an obsession? Yikes. I’m participating in the Month of Letters and putting a little poetry spin on it. Short poems on postcards. I’m enjoying picking out poems to go with the image on them. So far, I’ve sent out “Green Striped Melons” by Jane Hirshfield and “Michiko Nogami (1946-1982)” by Jack Gilbert. I can’t wait for the weekend!

3. In my search for postcards, it seems no one really carries them anymore. I got lucky that one of the Barnes & Noble stores in my city still has a few on the rack, but they’re not stocking them anymore. (Too late I found this out after driving to the other store across town in hopes of a more plentiful rack.) I went to another small bookstore with no luck, then even made my way to Hallmark, but they’ve discontinued them as well. Why? These perfect little cards say so much with just one image. Are postcards dead? Am I going to have to start making my own?

4. The mark of a productive day is a chocolate smudge from a York peppermint patty on your keyboard, at least it is for me today.

How has your day been? What does the mark of a productive day look like to you? And if you know of a good place to buy postcards besides Amazon, will you let me know? Please and thank you!

Smile, Andrea

18 thoughts on “Time For Yourself, Postcards, and More Postcards

  1. Interesting about the lack of postcards. Tourist-y areas have them, and museums often carry a supply too. And then there's the post-office, but they're just plain, not with any images on them. Your idea to match a verse to the postcard picture reminds me of how I blog, matching each post's text to the visual of a photograph 🙂

  2. You are so right about about postcards, I have only been successful at touristy-type places. College bookstores sometimes have them, and drugstores.What a great project though, poetry is versatile. Or maybe I just need to learn to write shorter prose, ha!

  3. I was suppose to pick up postcards for my daughter for a school project and ran into the same problem. I couldn't find postcards anywhere. I was suppose to get postcards with a Minnesota theme but couldn't even find travel postcards. I never did find her any.

  4. I love postcards (museums and galleries are my usual source, and paper/stationery stores, sometimes)…Half-Price Books (do you have one of those by you?) has excellent postcard books.I am still planning to create some postcards (at some point)…if I make them, I'll send ya some. Happy weekend to you!

  5. Oh, Andee, this post made me smile. And how my tired heart needed a smile. :)Your excitement is contagious. Isn't this the rich gift–to find joy in the simplest of things? I am loving your postcard obsession. And I might even have a peppermint patty.

  6. No Half-Price Books in El Paso unfortunately. I miss stopping in there! My next trip to Dallas will yield lots of postcards!If you do make any, I'm sure they'll be wonderful and I'd be happy to receive one!Wishing you the same, Hannah. 🙂

  7. I love the postcards project; that's a great idea. The art of handwritten letters and postcards seem to be dead. Unfortunate though, because we all need them in the mail. Especially if they have beautiful words written on them.

  8. I love sending post cards! I kind of stock up when I go on vacation – there's no shortage in places like Las Vegas or anywhere within a few miles of Disneyland. People always enjoy them, and I get the satisfaction of knowing I brought a smile to their faces. I know I'd rather get a post card than a bill to pay, lol. 🙂

  9. I loved this post today, Andrea. I make sure to get out of the house every single day because working from home can feel pretty isolated. Sometimes it’s for lunch, sometimes it’s just errands, but every day. Rare exceptions. And I schedule artist dates for myself every once in a while. Those can be anything from taking my camera to the nearest park to visiting a craft or book store, to stopping in at a museum or garden.
    Making postcards might be just the thing; it’s an art form. I didn’t realize until I read this that it’s getting so difficult to find them. I have to admit that I’m so digitally oriented that a handwritten note of any kind that arrives in the mail is a huge surprise. Thanks for that reminder.

    • I know that feeling all too well, Kathleen. I need to get into the habit of artist’s dates. It seems like the only ones I do right now are dates with my pillow! I do hope you get to making some postcards. I can’t wait until Month of Letters in 2013.

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