You Are Not Connected to the Internet. ?

Below is the screen I stare at this morning (because the Blogger app doesn’t want to allow me to insert it above.) After months of battling with my Internet provider over poor service, I changed providers. My appointment for new installation was yesterday and we all know how this usually goes, unfortunately.

Because I work from home, I am at the mercy of said Internet providers and sometimes I feel as if they’re conspiring against me. Rather than let negativity and piling papers plague my day, I’m seeing the light at the end of this tunnel, even if it’s just a fleck.

What does this mean? Tackling some much procrastinated about revisions and working on an idea for a poem that hatched yesterday.

Not being connected to the Internet is keeping me from all the usual distractions to my writing. Today I’m grateful for this screen.

Do you shut down the computer to allow yourself more time to work on what you love? Do you feel the lure of the Internet takes away from or contributes to your productivity?

8 thoughts on “You Are Not Connected to the Internet. ?

  1. Interesting question and an ongoing one for many of us. I flip between online and offline status constantly during the day, and find that the option of looking something up quickly on the Internet is often a gift. But the pull to stay connected can be counterproductive when a piece isn't coming together. That's when the lure of Facebook or a game is strongest.

  2. When I'm really immersed in a project, I can easily stay offline. It's when my workload is lighter and not demanding too much of my attention that I might drift back and forth.

  3. Thanks, Hannah. I read something about a blackout of some sort you can install on your computer for certain periods of time that way one isn't tempted to do a quick check on the email or something of that sort. I think I need to look into it more!

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