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Mailbox Candy

 More works of art from Karen Gielen! The top one is my favorite! Such a delicate image.
 Two more! Look at the detail in the top one. And I have a slight obsession with bird images, so the second one is just my cup of tea. The poem accompanying it is perfect.
And last but not least, I received the postcard “Tea” by Henry Matisse from my sweet friend Kristin who’s in Virginia with a few notes about Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse and daydream of us having a fancy tea in a garden years from now. I cannot wait. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her.
The lovely postcard with the oranges is from my new pen-pal Caren and carries a touching note about picking oranges from her grandmother’s trees growing up. I look forward to more stories such as these!
This month of letters has touched my soul. There is much kindness and beauty in the world!
What’s delighted your heart and eyes recently?

5 thoughts on “Mailbox Candy

  1. Both my eyes and heart were delighted by the juxtaposition of the first robin of the season two days ago, followed by the first snow of the season yesterday!

  2. This week's winter storm gave a thin ice coating to our trees on Tuesday night. When we came home from our daughter's orchestra concert, the lights from the garage lit our crabapple from behind and it looked other-worldly. That vision was gone less than 24 hours later. Reminder to notice beauty in the moment.

  3. I'm glad you liked that card! This whole post-card pen pal adventure is so great. It actually gives me a reason to look forward to the mail coming! (You're right, though, it's not as easy as I thought to find postcards!) Can't wait to get your next one!

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