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First Moment of Existence

March is National Women’s History Month. Whom do you celebrate?

“For a long time I believe my first moment of existence is when I jump over a broom. I remember a house. I remember sunlight through a window…” – from Caramelo by Sanda Cisneros

For me, this window is my Grandma’s small kitchen window, a weeping willow peeking in from it’s left corner while we are kneading dough for flour tortillas in our hands, her hands twice the size of mine. She walks over to a drawer and pulls out a miniature rolling pin, the first gift I can remember her giving me. This moment one of the greatest.

Grandma in my kitchen many years later doing what she loves to do and cooking my favorite Thanksgiving meal!
Three generations in the kitchen: Grandma, Mom, and Me

8 thoughts on “First Moment of Existence

  1. The poem resonates. I love the photo of 3 generations and how your grandma taught you to make tortillas. My mom tried to teach me too, but I had a hard time with the rolling pin and my tortillas always looked like the map of Texas.

  2. What beautiful ladies in your family! And that poem…*sigh*. I did not know it was women's history month. Yes, we must celebrate. I give thanks for all the strong women who made the path straighter for me and for the soft hands who have given me love over the years. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Andee.

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