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Tomatoes and Other Good Finds

Tomato 1
Tomato 1 by sfxeric via Flickr

Sorry I’m a day late with this post. My husband built me a small garden to plant in and we took advantage of the sunny Sunday we received. All in all, we’ve four tomato plants, two jalapeño, two cilantro, two basil, one rosemary, two strawberry, and one zucchini.

Because I’m still floating on new gardener air, I wanted to find a poem on gardening, or more specifically, tomatoes, and though this poem for the week isn’t specifically on gardens or growing tomatoes, it does mention tomatoes in a dark yet touching sense: “Early Cascade” by Lucia Perillo.

Some other good finds:

How to be left alone to read while traveling (I got a good chuckle out of this write-up! I almost felt as if I was reading my own writing)

New video version of Taylor Mali’s poem “What Teachers Make” via Jessie Carty

A favorite blogger of mine, Natalia Sylvester, on The Importance of Fictional Truths

Some Thoughts on the Lost Art of Reading Aloud via The New York Times – Do you read aloud anymore?

How was your week? Any good finds to share?

Happy Monday! Andrea

11 thoughts on “Tomatoes and Other Good Finds

  1. About reading aloud: My husband and I read snippets of the newspaper aloud to each other sometimes, but that's not the same as reading a piece of fiction or poetry. I read aloud to my granddaughter, which she loves, even though she can't talk yet, and it reminds me that everyone likes to listen to a good story. I haven't followed the link to the NYT yet, but I will. Right now.

  2. I love, love, love having a tomato garden. My favorite to grow is the Jet Stars, sheer perfection. You'll love your garden! As for reading aloud, I haven't, for the sake of reading along, since I read to my daughters when they were little, except for brief passages now. But I do read aloud for editing purposes, often too.

  3. Great links today. I read out loud to the little boy I nanny for. I read his children's books as well as selected poems I bring each time i am there. It's great!Also- please post picks of the new garden… especially as everything starts growing =)

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