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Poetry Pairing: Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan Poe is the first poet I discovered during my elementary school years. I purchased a small book of his poems from the Scholastic book fair held in the library and fell in love, most especially with “Annabel Lee.” Who wouldn’t want to be loved “with a love that was more than love”? (Oh, I now feel sorry for all my pre-teen and teen loves!) All these years later, this poem still enchants me.

I recently downloaded Stevie Nicks’ new album “In Your Dreams” and after the first song I was hooked. After hearing “Annabel Lee” in the lucky number 7 slot, I fell hard. Perfect voice to sing this haunting tale. Listen for yourself:

I was even more thrilled to come across Yusef Komunyakaa’s essay on his first love, this very poem by Edgar Allan Poe. He writes: “At nine years old, I knew next to nothing about this kind of love, although I had been lightly touched by an element of it in the blues that drifted out of the radios in our kitchen and living room. To know this great longing through words made me tremble inside my skin, and I believe it helped me traverse some new territory in my imagination.”

What poem or story was your first love?

11 thoughts on “Poetry Pairing: Annabel Lee

  1. Great post and great pieces! Yusef Komuyakaa is a great writer, and so is Edgar Allen Poe. I'm interested to see the movie about him, though I'm not sure it will do anything of his justice. :/

  2. I wonder if it's almost a lot of people's first love! I named my pony after it–Annabel. A spotted pony, and my dad called the woods behind our house, Usher Woods . . .

  3. Love Poe! I introduced him to my kids and my girls (not as much the boys, go figure) loved all the gruesome poems. Should I be worried? haha. As for me, I think the first book I was in love with was "The Once and Future King" I read it in the fifth grade and was obsessed with the whole King Arthur and Camelot idea. I wished I could jump right into the book and be part of the story!

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