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Poetry Pairing: To the Angelbeast and a Song

This week’s poetry pairing comes to us from Peter Birckhead (a favorite Tweeter of mine who always brings a fresh perspective on things), who shared the below video of a song by Arthur Russell as a pairing to Eduardo C. Corral’s poem “To the Angelbeast.”

Thank you, Peter, for this exquisite pairing!

From Corral’s poem: “All that glitters isn’t music…Am I not your animal?”
Anything else you’d pair with this?
And I know I was only going to do the poetry pairings for National Poetry Month, but I’ve enjoyed it too much to stop. That being said, if you have a pairing you’d like to feature, please let me know, as I am always open for guest bloggers.
Smile, Andrea

8 thoughts on “Poetry Pairing: To the Angelbeast and a Song

  1. Thanks for Putting this together Andrea. I wasn't sure if there was a specific piece Eduardo Corral had in mind for his poem but I've always loved this song & the video seemed too good not to share with you. I hope you & yours are having a relaxing Saturday.

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