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Imaginary Lives

I’m working through The Artist’s Way a little more slowly than I would like thanks to a hectic work schedule and the travel that comes along with it. After being gone from home for a little over two weeks, it was nice to sit down for my morning pages and ponder this question: “If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them?”

My answers:

1. Travel writer
2. Novelist/Poet
3. A mom
4. A singer/songwriter with a devoted little following but not enough of one to make me “famous”
5. An anchor alongside Diane Sawyer

What five other lives do you imagine yourself living?

I’ll conclude with the lovely little poem Dreams by Langston Hughes.

12 thoughts on “Imaginary Lives

  1. Hi Andrea – I love this particular exercise from The Artist's Way! Today, mine would be: 1. photographer 2. detective 3. organic farmer 4. chef 5. print journalistTomorrow, they might be different!

  2. I have always wanted to do The Artist's Way but have never made the investment. Last year, over at The High Calling, we did Julia's The Right to Write as a book club book. I like to think of that one as an abbreviated Artist's Way. I even stuck with those dreaded morning pages for quite some time. It is such a lovely practice. I adore her exercises. This is a good one. My number one would be the same as yours, I think. And then each subsequent would be a different type of writer as well. Dream big, right :). I hope you have been well, Andie. Love to you.

  3. I purchased The Artist's Way waaayy back when it was first published, and have STILL not completed the course, though I've made it through week 2. (ha ha) I'm not at all sure why, although I'm fairly certain what Julia Cameron would have to say about why I haven't completed the course! LOL. I'd love to see more posts as you work your way through.Here are my five:1) Travel photographer2) Archaeologist3) Interior designer4) Advertising agency writer or artist5) Magazine editor

  4. My list, Andee, is remarkably similar to yours. (Have dipped in and out of the Artist's Way myself, and may have this list somewhere already… 🙂 Instead of your number 5, though, I think I'd have to add storm chaser/meteorologist. 🙂 Weather, especially big storms, fascinate me.

  5. I love this exercise, Andrea! Thanks for sharing.Here's my list:1. Poet/novelist2. Co-interviewer with Terry Gross on Fresh Air3. Physicist4. Abstract painter5. Landscape designerThe Artist's Way(which I had never heard of…guess I'm out of it)sounds very intense, but I like the two main practices of morning pages and weekly artist "dates." May give those a try on my own. :)Jill

  6. It's not too intense, Jill. I think you would like it! Just go at your own pace. There's lots of good stuff in it, especially the need for self-affirmation. The pages are a task, but they've been good for me. If you do dive into it, I'd love to hear about your experience.I love your answers! I can definitely see the landscape artist and the abstract painter in you! 🙂 BIG hug.

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