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Weekly Wrap-up

Three of James Arthur’s poems are featured in “The Sunday Poem” at Gwarlingo. His first collection of poems Charms Against Lightning is out this week. James is not only a talented poet, he is an extraordinary person and mentor. He can recite almost any of his poems from memory, a memory already filled with poems by W. H. Auden, Amy Clampitt, and others. He could recite the alphabet backwards and it be mesmerizing.

Paul Morton interviews Junot Díaz for The Millions. Thanks to Sundog Lit for the link to this interview.

This week we celebrate Halloween. Give out books instead of candy and celebrate All Hallows Read too.

There’s a clever new commercial out for banned books in Arizona. For more on this, visit Librotraficante and help support an underground library in or near your area.

Hear and read Bob Hicok’s poem “American History.” Martha Silano tweeted the link to this poem earlier in the week saying both presidential candidates should read it. This reminds me, you can vote early through November 2nd.

Some exciting news about Jack Myers from his wife Thea Temple: Jack’s The Portable Poetry Workshop is mentioned in the November 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Poet Samantha Reynolds lists it as a resource to help deepen one’s poetry practice, a book she writes is “the most practical, thorough, and accessible ‘how to write poetry’ book on the market.”

I’m off to read some links I favorited on Twitter this week. I finished the second season of The Walking Dead this weekend and my brain needs a break from thoughts of doom and destruction, and zombies!

What made your reading list this week?


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