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November Poem-A-Day #novpad

Robert Lee Brewer’s #novpad kicks off today. Robert provides a poem prompt for each day in November, and you get double the prompts on Tuesdays. I’ve participated in this over the past couple of years and I’ve been quite happy with the results. If anything, it gets you to focus on getting something down on the page for a month. Don’t worry about revising — that’s what December is for.

Today’s first prompt is already up on his blog. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow along with him by using the #novpad hashtag.

I’d love to hear if you’re participating! Happy writing if you are.

P.S. I participated in All Hallow’s Read this Halloween and gave away mini-books of the poem The Monsters in My Closet by Phil Bolsta. My husband helped me get the books folded and ready to give away. We padded them with a small bag of cookies. The most delightful part was that kids were actually excited to receive the books once they saw us placing them into their treat bags. A few parents even commented on them. The first All Hallow’s Read was a success! I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. How was your Halloween?

Bulletin Board (retro):  Spook Yourself - Read a Scary Book

8 thoughts on “November Poem-A-Day #novpad

  1. I want to do it, but as of now (7:39 PM) I haven’t written anything or looked at the prompt!

    I love what you did for Halloween!! I may just have to participate in All Hallows Read next year with you!! 🙂

    • I was a little behind too, but I got one down. Hope you had some time to do the same, Val.

      I’d love if you participated next year! 363 more days. 😉

      • Well, I have half a poem for today, anyway! Going to see if it becomes anything right now.

        I really need the practice/discipline of doing this daily, so going to try.

        Yes! I will plan on All Hallows Read then, for next year! Great idea!

      • Just getting something down every day is the important part. I worry about the revising part later. Good luck!

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