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Poetry Pairing: The Art of Yarn

Yarn bombing book covers

While reading Monday’s Poem-A-Day “Covers” by Kathryn Cowles, my mind wandered to urban knitting.

If you haven’t seen or heard of urban knitting or “yarn bombing” yet, the article “Graffiti’s Cozy, Feminine Side” in The New York Times sheds light on this newer art form.

Want to see more of this art? Time‘s website features an excellent photo gallery with links to the artists. I’m a fan of the knit potholes. A statue of Albert Einstein’s been bombed too.

Is there anything you’d like to see in your community covered in yarn?

How has art touched your life this week?

6 thoughts on “Poetry Pairing: The Art of Yarn

  1. Ooh, fun post, Andrea! Well, let’s see….

    Art touched my life this week when I recently wrote an appointment in my National Geographic Nature’s Splendors 2012 calendar. My grandfather loves this calendar and buys one every year. Seeing his joy, I told him I wanted one too. This is the second year he has purchased one for me. Not only do the images take our breath away, it’s something I know we get to share together whenever we plan something in our calendars for that week.

    This week, I see the “purple, fleshy leaves of Graptoveria plants stretch in unison toward the light above them.” The color is exquisite. This photograph once again brings me closer to nature’s endless beauty. I can’t wait to hear what my grandfather thinks!

  2. This is in Switzerland, too – a tree in the SmallBoy’s school playground has been “bombed” and one near the train station. It’s nice in the winter, when we have so little color.

    • I think the trees are the prettiest ones. Those and bikes. Hope your little guy is feeling better and that he’s ready to play this weekend!

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