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Weekly Wrap-up

I’ve been working on an essay this week about Jack’s collection The Memory of Water, so I wanted to share these six poems from Jack Myers that were a surprise gift from the internet.

Earlier this week, I learned of the passing of a talented poet and teacher, and just nice human being in general, Michael Macklin. He left this world as he slept while on a trip with his students at a writing conference. I met Michael after Jack’s passing when I submitted a few poems for a tribute issue The Café Review was putting together for him. It was the first time I’d ever submitted any of my work, and I remember Michael’s calm presence really struck me. He was kind enough to share a story of Jack with me too. His closing in his emails to me read “Write toward peace” and I hope it’s in this state that he now rests. I’d like to share a couple of his poems with you: “Resurrection” and “Before Coffee.”

It would’ve been Anne Sexton’s birthday this week. Here are some rare video clips of her.

Help support writers of color by supporting VONA/Voices. Thank you to Evelyn N. Alfred for putting this on my radar.

World Book Night 2013 is happening April 23, 2013. I’m excited to see Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street is on the book list.

Here’s a list of 65+ apps for writers by Michelle V. Rafter with a link to subscribe to this handy list if you’re on Twitter.

Be sure to check out Emily Dickinson 260, a poetry comic over at TheThePoetry. It’s delightful!

And to end with a bit of humor, here’s an entertaining infographic for you: Social Media Zombie Apocalypse. Which zombie are you?


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