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Take a Poem, Leave a Poem III

It’s time for another Take a Poem, Leave a Poem segment on the blog.

I’ve been inspired by the “take a penny, leave a penny” jar at the local deli.

Poems in the jar today:

“How a Thing Turns Wretched” by Aditi Machado, the poem of the week over at TheThePoetry. There’s also a video of the poet reading her work at this link.

“Game” by Laura Kasischke from the October issue of Poetry

“The Oregon Trail is in My iPhone” by Gregory Sherl

“Pillow Talk” by Carmen Giménez Smith

“Lamp Day” by Matthew Zapruder illustrated by Laura Scroggs for The Rumpus

Brokenmusic by Nathalie Handal

And lastly, in memory of the great Jack Gilbert, “Finding Something” from his collection The Great Fires

Please take at least one, and please leave a story or a poem in it’s place in the comments section.

Happy reading! Andrea


4 thoughts on “Take a Poem, Leave a Poem III

  1. Okay, I’m totally taking Lamp Day by Matthew Zapruder. How could I not?? A day where we systematically trace back our every step? That’s PERFECT FOR ME!!! Ha ha! His is much more positive than mine would be, (loving the small things v.s. say…how the hell did I get HERE???? ) but still. lol. Great poem from one of my favorites.

    So, now what to leave you with….hmmm.

    Okay. I am leaving you with: Imagining Defeat by David Berman

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