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Weekly Wrap-up

The poetry world lost a great soul this week: Alice Quinn remembers Jack Gilbert. Juan Felipe Rivera remembers him, too, and shares a poem. How will you remember him?

If you read the essay above, you’ll read a bit about Gordon Lish, so cue this excellent read: Raymond Carver’s OKCupid Profile, Edited by Gordon Lish in McSweeney’s.

Phil Cousineau shares Nine of the Most Beautiful Words in the English Language. I think “bliss” should’ve made the list. Any other words you’d add to this?

Ada Límon talks poetry and why it isn’t “as widely read as let’s say, popular fiction…”

Any good links I missed this week?

I’m trying my hand and my oven at baking a Neapolitan cake for my Mom’s 63rd birthday tonight. Wish me luck!

Have a lovely Sunday, Andrea


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up

  1. Ha ha. I knew Raymond and I were perfect for one another. I’m sure we’d fine each other if: 1. I was on OKCupid , and 2. He was alive.

    LOL 😀 Great poem.

    Will check out the other links shortly.

    Good luck with the cake! Happy Birthday to your mother.

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