Shopping Carts and Snoopy

Porch composition 2

While standing in line at the grocery store earlier this week, I witnessed a boy and his mother walking across the front of the store with their cart. This mom looked frazzled and the boy looked smug, and it didn’t take me long to see why. As the mom pushed the cart, her son would eagerly toss his stuffed Snoopy in front of the cart and then start pleading with her to stop the cart and not run over Snoopy, and then he would run to Snoopy and rescue him, coaxing his ragged fur. I saw him do this twice, and I would bet to say he probably did this a good part of their grocery trip visit. I got a good chuckle out of this scene, and wondered what kept the obviously frazzled mom from calling her son’s bluff and running over Snoopy.

On the drive home, I was still thinking about this scene and realized: I’m the mom and the boy, and Snoopy is my sanity. The shopping cart can take on many forms — it can be a deadline, it can be a negative person in your life — anything that can compromise your sanity. For me, it’s that deadline; it’s procrastination. How many times am I going to allow that deadline to get so close to me before it eventually runs me over? I make a narrow escape every time. I must love the thrill of the looming deadline, and I must learn to un-love it. It’s not healthy! And how do I know this? Well, because I actually finished something almost two months ahead of the deadline, and it feels good. I’ve saved myself almost two months worth of stress and minimized it to a two-week period. Take that, shopping cart!

What acts as a shopping cart in your life, and how will you save Snoopy?

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