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Popping In

Tea Break
It’s been a busy start to the year. I’m sure we could all use a nice little tea break. Here’s what mine will entail today:

Fleda Brown’s poetry collection The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Livesgrateful for the friend who put this book on my radar

Chocolate-chip puffins, recipe included for you (It’s a pancake muffin!)

A cup of ginger chai tea, recipe and cardamom pods courtesy of the sweet Jessica Latham

Now if I can just sneak a slice or two of pizza into my day, it’ll will be complete!

What’s your special break made up of? Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Popping In

  1. If I take a special break just for myself, it involves good latte, a magazine that has inspiring design photos, and a good Food Network cooking show. At least, that would be for today!

    I have a Sunday salon group that meets once a month, and this month’s topic was about the idea of a day of rest, which we expanded into sabbaticals and vacations and the difference between the two. The whole idea of taking a break and why we do or don’t take one on a regular basis got discussed. This post fits right in! I would love a break in which I do nothing but read fun stories for no work-related reasons, just for fun. I’d finish Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City series.

    • Now a good cooking show is a great idea, Kathleen. I hope you get to take a break like that soon and finish the Tales of the City series.

  2. Andrea!

    What a lovely surprise! I can’t believe I made it on your blog 🙂 That is so kind of you to mention me. I have to admit – my winters sure are filled with lots of tea breaks, as I am a slower mover this time of year. Your post was sweet and encouraging. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Let’s see…. my tea break today consisted of:

    Peet’s Yin Hao Green Tea Freestone Bakery Rye Bread with almond butter and sprinkles of chia seeds, flaz and sunflower seeds A Year with Rilke – daily readings

    Have you had your slice of pizza yet?? Go do it!

    cheers! Jess Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 14:47:22 +0000 To: senoritamalone@hotmail.com

    • Your break sounds nice! Enjoy Rilke. Thanks for being a support. XO

      No pizza yet, but I hope to rectify that this weekend. 😉

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