Jack Myers on Reverse Thinking

Glimpses of The Berkshires

A sweet, serendipitous gift came in the mail recently: the Spring 2006 Issue, #8 of Hunger Mountain. In it are six of Jack Myers’ poems accompanied by an interview with him and William Walsh. This is a treasure of an interview, most especially these lines:

William Walsh: Is there anything we have not touched upon that you would like to discuss?

Jack Myers: Well, just that there was another kind of reverse thinking I had to go through in order to become more centered. And that was thinking, when I was a young poet, that art was so much more important than life. That art was more special and extraordinary than living behind the blinders of an “ordinary” life. Well, as I got older I began to see that art is merely one kind of expression in and of this life; and that life is infinitely more complex, revealing, wise, and astounding than even the greatest art. Writing poetry and teaching it are now for me things that I like to do than symbols of who I am…

Thank you, Jack. And thank you to the thoughtful person who sent this gift.


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