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photoFor my birthday, my brother gave me one of the best gifts I think one can give to another: a book.

The book I now hold in my hands: Madness, Rack, and Honey: Collected Lectures by Mary Ruefle.

An excerpt I want to share with you from “Twenty-Two Short Lectures”:


My idea for a class is you just sit in the classroom and read aloud

until everyone is smiling, and then you look around, and if

someone is not smiling you ask them why, and then you keep

reading–it may take many different books–until they start

smiling, too.

What would you start reading aloud?

Here’s another lecture from Mary Ruefle that I love: “I Remember, I Remember.” I’d read it aloud to you if I could.


10 thoughts on “Read Aloud

  1. I would start reading the first Harry Potter book aloud because it calls up a sweet memory of reading to my daughter. We read the first few Harry Potter books aloud to her so that it was a family event. And those books are so widely read, that I’m pretty sure that would make a few people smile.

  2. Andrea – Yet another wonderful post! What a great gift from your brother.

    Let me see…I’ve been reading children’s books aloud to my little one (it is said, my voice can now be heard), so I’d have to go with Val’s great choice along with many of the other children’s classics. Harry Potter would be a great one too – good idea, Kathleen.

    My husband has been reading me Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest before bedtime and that is a great read aloud play. I find myself laughing out-loud, even though I’m supposed to be getting sleepy.

    I guess all writing can be beautiful read aloud, if read from the heart, with vigor and imagination. I better go click on your link “I Remember, I Remember” and try this one out too!

    Thanks, Andrea. Oh – and happy belated birthday. The world is lucky to have you in it.

    • I love that you’re reading books to your little one, and that your husband is reading to you, Jess. Such sweet memories you’re making.

      I hope you love “I Remember, I Remember.” I sat in silence for over an hour after I first read it. Awe is the only word for it.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. Your sweet note made the best birthday hug. XO

  3. Oh, Mary Ruefle is so good! I want that book. Happy birthday to you, a little late…

    I like reading Heather Christle’s poems out loud, lately (I’ve read a couple of them at readings….they go over very well!

    • This book is a true gift, Hannah. I hope it finds its way to you soon.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you have a lovely week!

  4. Happy Birthday, Andrea! If I could, I would read aloud to you from World’s Shortest Stories of Love and Death. No story is more than 50 words and all are so clever. It started my passion for flash storytelling and is still my go-to book for a quick laugh or tickle of the imagination.
    Wishing you days & weeks of birthday love & fun, -Chris

    • Thanks, Chris! I hope you had a nice weekend. I appreciate you sharing about World’s Shortest Stories of Love and Death; I need to look this up.

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