Poetry as Transportation

I fly into and out of Dallas Love Field Airport at least once a month. This airport has been under construction for remodeling for a good time now, so it was refreshing to deplane on my most recent trip and walk out into a bright new terminal complete with a Dunkin’ Donuts. As I was making my way to the baggage claim, I walked past a beautiful wall of blue glass, but only noticed the poetry taking up that space after I’d walked out the terminal exit and couldn’t reenter (I received a stern warning) so I could fully take in the art on this wall. (I’m working on slowing down.)

As I was leaving Dallas, I made sure to return to this wall and spend some time with this exhibit. I was delighted to find poetry by Langston Hughes, Rumi, and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, among others. I was able to snap a couple of shots with my phone, but it was difficult to get a good shot at that time of day because the sun was shining right through, creating a glare. I was interrupted in my photo pursuit by a security officer who asked me what I thought one of the stanzas meant, as he’d been looking at it over the past couple of weeks and wondering why it didn’t follow the form of the stanzas before and after it. I don’t think I gave him an answer that satisfied him, but I was giddy that the poetry in this exhibit had people not only stopping to look, but stopping to ponder.

The exhibit:


Some photos from the exhibit:



A brief podcast from WRRClassical 101.1 FM with the artist Martin Donlin discussing his exhibit and poetry’s purpose in it: Listen.

For a more complete shot of this exhibit, visit this blog post: See Paul Go.

Where has poetry found you lately?

8 thoughts on “Poetry as Transportation

  1. That is so cool!! It makes me so happy when I see poetry “out there in the general public” !! It’s awesome that even the security guard had been reading and yes, pondering! Love, love, love it!!! It would be great if I saw more of that here. Such a different vibe here when it comes to poetry/the arts. I think it’s more show than heart.

    Thanks so much for sharing about this!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Andrea. I love Sor Juana and learned about her during one of my graduate courses in Spanish. She was an interesting personality, intelligent, passionate – and of course, a beautiful writer. More airports should follow the Dallas airport’s lead! Maybe then, some of us would moan and groan a little less while traveling – I know it’d help me 🙂

    • Yes, I call for poetry in all airports! I’d like to learn more about Sor Juana, Jess. Any reading recommendations?

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