Call for words to comfort

I’d planned on doing a much overdue poetry pairing this morning, but then I read an email from a dear writer friend who’s recently suffered an unspeakable loss. I don’t know what can offer comfort and peace during such a time other than poems and stories. Please, if you have a poem or story that’s helped you during a difficult time, I hope you’ll share it with me in the comments below or via email at drebelle81@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for anything you take the time to send my way. It will make it to her–I promise.

6 thoughts on “Call for words to comfort

  1. One of my favorite poetry collections, Lightning at Dinner by Jim Moore, has wonderful poems that deal with love and loss and family. They’re really lovely and they soothed me. Another book that I love and that I’ve referred to every time someone I know loses someone important is A New Path to the Waterfall by Raymond Carver. Maybe these will resonate for you and your friend.

  2. I would recommend anything by Pema Chodron, maybe especially (the book) When Things Fall Apart. It helped me when my friend died almost a year ago now. Well, nothing helps. But maybe at some point. I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss.

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