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Big Poetry Giveaway Results

photoare now in! The two winners will be notified just as soon as I finish this blog post. Participants were assigned a number in the order that they signed up. I used a random number generator to select the winners. Thanks to all who’ve visited and shared poems this month. A huge thanks to Kelli Russell Agodon for hosting this annual poetry giveaway. Kelli’s also written this wonderful poem “Frida Kalho Tattoo” that’s now up at Poetry Daily.

And since every month should be dedicated to poetry, let’s celebrate this second day of May with a poem from the newest issue of Superstition Review: “Assemblage” by Nick Depascal. There’s also a new poem by Ruben Quesada and an interview with Major Jackson!

What are you reading this month?

My travel schedule has made blogging hectic this month, so I hope to get back on track next week. Best wishes for a lovely weekend!



6 thoughts on “Big Poetry Giveaway Results

  1. Hey thanks for the info Andrea. There’s also a poem by Ed Adams (me) in that issue of Superstition Review, I live in Santa Fe now having just moved here from Taos. Would love to get updates on poetry readings in Albuquerque if you could advise me where to get that info. Thanks again.

    • Hi Ed,

      Congratulations. I just started reading the new issue yesterday evening, so there’s much more for me to explore. I’ll be on the lookout for your work. I’m not familiar with many of the ABQ events, but I do know that the Lannan Foundation has some wonderful events this season: I’ve also heard of a Duende Poetry series that happens at a vineyard in ABQ every now and then. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hey Ed,

      Sunday Chatter (formerly known as Church of Beethoven) at the Kosmos in Albuquerque usually features a local or regional poet every Sunday, along with about 45 minutes of cool classical music. Bookworks also hosts readings in ABQ, as well as Art Bar and Zendo on occasion. Since you’re in Santa Fe you’re probably familiar with Collected Works, but if not, they have oodles of readings, and local poets Dana Levin and Carol Moldaw curate the Muse Times Two series that brings nationally recognized poets to Santa Fe along with a local poet. Great series! Anyway, hope you enjoy!

      And Andrea, many thanks for featuring my poem!!!


      Nick DePascal

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