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Poetry Pairing: Refugee

Shortly after reading Sonia Nazario’s opinion piece “The Children of the Drug Wars: A Refugee Crisis, Not an Immigration Crisis” in the New York Times, I happened upon the gift that is Fady Joudah’s poem “Mimesis.” Éireann Lorsung composed the following tweet late last week: “it is unbearable to be human.” Her words echo the thoughts of many over these past couple of weeks plagued with hatred and violence. And when the weight of the world becomes too much for us to bear, we think Tonight No Poetry Will Serve, but Fady Joudah’s poem found its way to me, Gina Chavez’s song “Maíz” did, too, this conversation between Chanel Dubofsky and Sarah M. Seltzer about Why Fiction Matters in an Unjust World happened, and then today, these words by Friedrich Nietzsche (also credited to Ray Bradbury) arrived in my Twitter feed: “We have art in order not to die of the truth.” All this reaffirms that we must not take for granted the power of words. What words have sustained you?



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