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I’ve been reading View with a Grain of Sand by Wislawa Szymborska. A number of poems have impressed upon me things I’m unable to articulate at present moment, but I know I’ve been changed by “Notes from a Nonexistent Himalayan Expedition,” “Vocabulary,” “Autonomy,” and “Conversation with a Stone.” I’ve reread them for days. I long to sit down with someone(s) and read/discuss/agonize over/celebrate them, especially “Conversation with a Stone.” Because it reminds me of someone(s). And it reminds me of something(s). And there is always a new revelation with each reading. And then this morning, while rereading a section of Mary Ruefle’s Madness, Rack, and Honey (thank you, Rose, for this prompting):

“All secrets have an inside and an outside, they must, because they are concealed or hidden–that is their nature–and every secret is the perfect example of form and theory. Form is theory. The smallest, most portable, and perfect example of the form and theory of a secret is the fortune cookie. Our fortune, our future, is always unrevealed, thus concealed, thus a secret, thus the slip of paper is deposited inside the slip of dough. Imagine a fortune cookie with the fortune printed on the outside and you are imagining the failure to conform to the theory.”

I knock at the stone’s front door,

“It’s only me, let me come in…


2 thoughts on “Conversations with

  1. Great poem. It reminds me of someone and then something and then self also, etc. I can imagine several different scenarios when I read, as well as the literal one. Can switch and it fits that one too. Yes, what you said.
    …liked that quote from Ruefle too. Imagining a bowl of fortune cookies with fortunes printed on the outside and you can pick. … I think I would turn my eyes away and stir and grab.

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