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Banned Books Week Round-up

Every Week is Banned Books Week for Chicanos by Tony Diaz  – “And once you’ve read a banned book, they can never take it away from you.” For more on Librotraficante, follow @Librotraficante on Twitter.

And in Dallas, Texas, Highland Park High School bans seven ‘obscene’ books this week . Jeannette Walls’ response on her book The Glass Castle being on this ban list: “My book has ugly elements to it, but it’s about hope and resilience, and I don’t know why that wouldn’t be an important message. Sometimes you have to walk through the muck to get to the message. There are so many complicated situations out there. And we can begin to give kids the tools they need to deal with it, if only to say, ‘You are not alone.’

15 Books Banned for The Most Absurd Reasons Ever via Buzzfeed. – “In the late 1970s, The Bell Jar [by Sylvia Plath] was suppressed for not only its profanity and sexuality but for its overt rejection of the woman’s role as wife and mother.” And here’s another article about this discussing the glaring gender divide.

Six Banned Middle Eastern Books You Should Read via Vicean excerpt from Metro by Magdy El Shafee, translated by Humphrey Davies at Words without Borders.

Little Free Libraries: The Perfect Way to Celebrate Banned Books Week – Search for a Little Free Library near you: Map

Banned Books by the Numbers, Infographics via The Huffington Post

The official link for Banned Books Week – there’s a wealth of resources here including a list of events by state and more information on participating in Banned Books Virtual Read-out


Please feel free to share any other Banned Books resources you’ve encountered this week. What are you reading? Are you giving away any books?


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