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Found book review: Her book by Éireann Lorsung

Found book review: Her book by Éireann Lorsung from Milkweed Editions

I never saw horses running before I came to this island. A season of movement seems to want to hum. Fragments of an original language making songbirds out of paper–you will want to touch them.  In between marks, the space of the body. If there was something broken, all that time it was just our heart. What’s not to love about this kind of looking?

I spent an afternoon with this radiant collection. I didn’t want to put it down. Give this book to yourself. For more on Éireann Lorsung, look here.

6 thoughts on “Found book review: Her book by Éireann Lorsung

  1. I saw this author read in Minneapolis last summer and she was wonderful. The room was absolutely packed, too, always a good thing for poetry. Her reading was part of Coffee House Press’s In the Stack Program. Ms. Lorsung read and shared artwork created as part of her time spent being inspired by the Little Poetry Library outside the Blue Moon Coffeehouse in south Minneapolis. Here’s a link: http://chpinthestacks.tumblr.com/theresidents

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