hiatus & other things

I’ve been on an unofficial blog hiatus. I feel there are too many voices that need to be heard–I don’t want to hear my own right now. All this is to say that I’m extending my hiatus through sometime in January. In the meantime, here are some things that need to be seen, read, experienced.

Jose Angel Araguz posts a poem along with insights each Friday

a different take on poem Fridays: curated fragments of language and image by Heidi Reszies Lewis 

necessary: #blackpoetsspeakout & #cantomundolongestnight projects

Apogee, a literary journal whose mission combines literary aesthetic with political activism

As always, feel free to add suggestions and links in the comments section. Thanks for reading. Positive thoughts to you as you head into this new year.


7 thoughts on “hiatus & other things

  1. Happy 2015 to you in advance. I enjoy following this blog, and the voice that is yours is one I like to hear, and I’m glad it’s out there. Post when you have something to say, or to share what you’ve written, and there are some of us out here who are always happy to see that, and get something from it.

  2. Thank you for sharing the links. Red by Kelene Blake blew me away with the rawness of feeling and the reality of her words.
    Happy new adventures in the poetry in the new year! I look forward to hearing your own spoken poetry whenever you post.

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