The atmosphere of your world


“You have the responsibility to alter the atmosphere of your world. Call out your friends, your family, your teachers, your co-workers. Refuse to tolerate willful ignorance. Educate yourself. Understand the power of language – every word holds a significant weight. Understand the power of art – every image is heavy in its own way, as well.” – Yasmin Belkhyr

The above words are an except from Belkhyr’s introduction to the must-read Hands Up Don’t Shoot issue of Winter Tangerine.


“Above all, this global translation is about resisting the state of speechlessness that is easy to fall into when what you are witnessing is beyond imagination…” – Sophie Hughes

The above words are from Hughes’ introduction to Asymptote’s project to have David Huerta’s poem “Ayotzinapa” translated into twenty different languages.


Read. Share. Discuss. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The atmosphere of your world

  1. This has given me something to think more deeply about – that every word has its weight, every piece of art does, too. What is the responsibility of the artist/writer? How do we rise the responsibilities we know we must bear? To be quiet is to be acquiescent. To make decent art, decent literature is to be fearless in our reflection of what is happening around us. Journal topic, for sure, as these questions only become more important with every human being who is silenced for speaking out against injustice, atrocity, inequity.

    • These are questions I share with you, Kathleen. I’ve been reading Adrienne Rich, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Cecilia Vicuña lately, all of whom are helping to point the way. Thanks for reading and engaging.

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