Claudia’s Poetry Notebook, a rumination by Evelyn N. Alfred

I came across a blog post written by Evelyn N. Alfred in 2010 when Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye turned 40. Evelyn’s post is a beautiful and moving example of persona in poetry.

I imagined what Claudia might write in a notebook about her experiences, if she felt that poetry was the only way she could express her thoughts. The idea was plausible, given how children and adults communicated with each other in her household, “We didn’t initiate talk with grown-ups; we answered their questions” (23). Being the younger sister, Claudia harbored feelings of jealousy towards Frieda experiencing everything first, admitting she was “sick and tired of Frieda knowing everything,” eliminating her as a viable confidant (28).

What would she write after listening to Frieda and Pecola gush about Shirley Temple?

…accept me?

I can pretend to
love and worship the Shirleys
but when can I stop? Can I learn to…

For more, read Claudia’s Poetry Notebook: Celebrating The Bluest Eye by Evelyn N. Alfred, and follow her on her newest blog Librarian Dreams.

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