the emotional infrastructure of the world, part two #AWP15

Blow Up: Untitled 4 (2007) by Ori Gersht at the Walker Art Center AKA what I call the post-AWP portrait

I didn’t get to see much of Minneapolis while at AWP, but I can say that the streets and pubs pulsed with positive energy and friendliness for AWP goers. A late Sunday afternoon departure allowed for a pleasant walk to the Walker Art Center and then brunch at The Bird. It was a wonderful experience all around. I made new friends, reconnected with old ones, and had a great time participating in the Stories & Queer 2 reading on Thursday evening. I can’t remember the last time I stayed up until 2:00 AM or beyond for four nights in a row. I experienced many impromptu poetry readings in a bar or at a reception table. And even with all of this excitement, I know I missed too many people this AWP. Next year, I’m planning a day of just meeting with friends and people I want to meet IRL from Twitter. And now a recap on the panels and readings I attended:

The Fate of the Poet: Shuttling between Solitude and Engagement

The writer even while sleeping dreams reality. – David Biespiel

Invisibility is a precursor to persecution. – Rigoberto González

Speak–there are questions that demand creative approaches. – Rigoberto González

What does it mean to write and be useful?… What good is your work? What good does it do? – Lia Purpura

I propose that we write with very fierce love, with both arms wrapped around the very thing that interests us. – Lia Purport

[Let us think about] AWP as a training camp for the resistance of the mind.  – Wendy Willis

Neglected American Masters

Poetry is not about how many prizes one wins…Poetry is about how much space any one poem holds in any one human heart. – Jericho Brown

How did I get my BA, MFA, and PhD without reading more than one poem by Gwendolyn Brooks? – James Allen Hall

I wish I could have recorded Yona Harvey’s reading of “Old Lem” by Sterling Brown. It made me think of James Baldwin’s words on Miles Davis and Ray Charles: “These artists, in their very different ways, sing a kind of universal blues, they speak of something far beyond their charts, graphs, statistics, they are telling something about what it is like to be alive. It is not self-pity which one hears in them, but compassion.” (from The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings.)

It is important to consider the flaws of a neglected American master. – Paisley Rekdal

The more “us” there are, the more neglected American masters there are. – Paisley Rekdal

I have more to ask than I have to say. – Richard Siken

When we think of neglect, we must ask about our own personal responsibility. – Richard Siken

Argonaut, Citizen, Empathy, Inoculation: New Nonfiction

How does one read what is happening to the actual body? – Claudia Rankine

You have way more cells of other than you have cells of you. – Eula Biss

We are only on the page partially. The self is there but it’s made of these pieces that you choose. – Leslie Jamison

We are not these things that arrive and then go to the movies. – Claudia Rankine

Maggie Nelson on question she had when beginning The Argonauts: it’s “not resolved, it’s just burned out.”

The Book as Object

The book is not just an object–it is an experience. – Mary Austin

What happens to these ephemeral texts over time? – Nancy Kuhl

Books carry stories about book as object and as process. – MC Hyland

Jen Bervin on her personal copy of her A Non-Breaking Space: I like to think that it will die of touch.

Jen Bervin on her The Desert: The poem is a reality that must be sought out.

Are you writing a text or are you making a book? – Matvei Yankelevich

Queridos: A Reading by Gay Latinos

“Spine” (with audio) by Benjamin Garcia 

“Parable of Pillow Talk with a Chupacabra” by Joe Jiménez

“Matthew 5:4” by Ruben Quesada

“His Mother Didn’t Need a Man” by Miguel M. Morales

Thoughts? Additions? Thanks for reading.

*the emotional infrastructure of the world, part one    #AWP14

2 thoughts on “the emotional infrastructure of the world, part two #AWP15

  1. All such beautiful quotes. I reread a few of them just to hear their sound again. My favorite: “Poetry is not about how many prizes one wins…Poetry is about how much space any one poem holds in any one human heart. – Jericho Brown. “…how much space…in any one human heart” grips me. Thanks for sharing.

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