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Poetry: A Livelihood or a Way of Life

This week, The The Poetry sent the thought-provoking article “Livelihoods of the Poets” from New York Magazine into my timeline. I had to read it a couple of times to let it sink in. I’m disappointed to see this article did not include a unit of measure along the lines of “Reward for following poetry (or any other writing) as your … Continue reading

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Lunch observations: Books in Public, Job Interviews, and Love

Enjoyed a nice lunch with myself today; twittered a little, mused a lot, and caught up on some reading. A few observations from my chicken-tortilla-soup-and-tuna-sandwich hour: 1. If you are reading a book in a public restaurant, expect to be stared and smiled at. People may even worry about you. These “observers” make me worry. … Continue reading