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Poetry pairing: “sometimes all we had was a head nod to a beat to sustain us”

The dynamic lecture Tara Betts delivered at AWP14 in Seattle, “Life is Good: How hip-hop channels duende,” is now up at Poetry. Betts beautifully weaves details from her personal life, hip-hop culture and lyrics, and quotations from Lorca on duende into a poignant affirmation on life (facing death) and the power of art. When I consider duende and hip-hop, I see … Continue reading

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Poetry Pairing: Forms of Precipitation

The stunning essay “Rain” by Peter Kline in Ploughshares made me think of Mary Ruefle’s poem “Snow,” as both are electric and ripe with sensuality. Both make me wish for rain or snow–I wouldn’t discriminate. And like Peter Kline, because I reside in a city where both rain and snow are scarce, I would be lacking in the appropriate … Continue reading