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The Portable Poetry Workshop Project: Generating Content – Horizontal and Technical Content

I know that at this section of the book things may seem too technical, which is why I recommend reading this book for yourself. Through reading, the reader will be able to glean what is wanted and/or needed, and it won’t feel so technical. (Craft is important!)  This section is overflowing with golden nuggets.

A technical golden nugget:  “A simple method for distinguishing the kinds and functions of content in a poem is to imagine to content of a poem in the shape of a cross…”

A simplified version of the cross Jack speaks of looks like this:

This cross then goes on to resemble more of a pinwheel upon consideration and examination of elements within different poems.
And now, more of a general golden nugget: “…The same cognitive processes we use in decoding our experience in the world are the same cognitive processes we use when we first read a poem.”
What poem has given you the most fulfilling experience when reading?  The most recent one for me is Mary Ruefle’s “White Buttons.” 

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