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Four Comforts After My Husband’s Surgery

My husband underwent surgery yesterday morning that will hopefully result in our beginning a family soon. The day was nerve-wracking and I don’t know what I was thinking not taking the day off work (you know how Murphy’s Law goes) but it ended with my being grateful for many things. Four stand out from the crowd:

1. We always know at some point in our lives, we tend to take the small things for granted. I try not to do this but the demands of work and life in general somehow sometimes overshadow the importance of these small yet essential things. Like how much time you enjoy spending with your husband on a daily basis. And how much he really helps around the house. Quiet time is nice, but too much quiet time, well, it’s lonely, and I can’t wait to have my husband back to his normal, jovial self.

2. Someone taking the time to come and sit with you at the hospital helps so much. Even though you pack a book or your laptop with you, these activities don’t really distract you all that much when trying not to worry. Having someone to talk to, to wait out time with you, and help after surgery means more than most of us realize until we have it happen to us. I promise I will pay it forward. I’m blessed to have Tim’s mom as my mother-in-law. The surprise of her face in the waiting room was and always will be a welcome one.

3. Chicken noodle soup is a staple after surgery. For the patient and for the caretaker. Even though I was beyond tired, I didn’t want to leave Tim at the house by himself, and thank goodness I go a little crazy with vegetables at the grocery store and always have a surplus of chicken stock, pasta, and wine, because I had just what I needed to make my very first pot of chicken noodle soup. Yes, it was delicious. Tim lapped it up and was happy. I was even happier because after a stressful day, I felt as if I was seven again, sitting at my Grandma’s kitchen table, enjoying a steaming hot bowl of feel good without a worry in the world.

4. A book is always a nice little escape from reality. I lost myself in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins last night. It was past my bedtime, but all I wanted to do was read one chapter. Just one. And then another flew by, and then this paragraph:

In late summer, I was wasting up in a pond when I noticed the plants growing around me. Tall with leaves like arrowheads. Blossoms with three white petals. I knelt down in the water, my fingers digging into the soft mud, and I pulled up handfuls of the roots…

What comforts does today bring you? What small things are your grateful for today?

8 thoughts on “Four Comforts After My Husband’s Surgery

  1. Of all things, I was grateful that I could go put air in my car's tires when the low tire pressure warning light came on and then continue on my way to the airport to pick up my husband. Why was this so significant? Because it was 12 degrees below zero here this morning and the idea of being stranded with a flat tire was pretty unappealing. So, I'm grateful for our local gas station with the free air hose. And for dashboard warning lights.

  2. Beautiful post Andrea! I hope your husband is back on his feet soon. I am grateful I don't need to go out in the bitter cold today. I can stay home and write poetry and read, I don't have any appointments or errands to run. We are in a deep freeze right now (sigh, so long nearly 60 degrees). Yesterday it was so cold the van wouldn't start!

  3. Very glad your husband is on the mend…I'm grateful for the slow start back to teaching that I have right now….the start dates of the 2 universities I teach for are staggered, which gives me enough time to work on other projects.

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