Substance of Surrender

Oregon Farm Sunset
A friend of mine, Melissa Matthewson, wrote this beautiful piece now up at Terrain: “Fall, or Falling.” There is audio of Melissa reading her work and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it over the past week. I’m grateful for these words.

“This is the weight of falling—in love, in farm, in seasons. We must protect and save this substance of surrender…”

What’s moved you recently?


2 thoughts on “Substance of Surrender

  1. There’s an old white ash in the backyard of the abandoned house next door. A few weeks ago, after most of the maple and walnut trees around it had lost their leaves, I was out in my backyard with the dogs. It was a dry, cold, still day. In the space of a few minutes, almost all the leaves of the ash tree fell to the ground. The tree has very large leaves bigger than your hands. They were already dry but still heavy and fell straight to the ground, without the ceremony of wafting or drifting, with the weight of sudden knowledge of loss. It was as if the tree had just gotten the worst news in the world, maybe that another tree it loved on the other side of the world had died, and just dropped everything about itself onto the ground that morning. I stood there a bit stunned watching this, hearing those leaves hit the ground, feeling that somewhere around the corner is a phone call or a letter or a conversation where we’ll each know exactly what it’s like to be that tree, and have the chance to stay standing and strong.

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