“because poetry can move the fulcrum of the mind…

…just enough so that the world

just enough so that this same world

becomes electrified and bewildered.”

A couple of weeks ago, Rebecca Hazelton shared Richard Siken’s stunning film of his poem “Why” paired with the haunting music of Marianne Dissard.

I read somewhere that taking the time to concentrate on your breathing for just ten minutes each day can reverse a year’s worth of stress. And whether this is true or not, I still think you should give yourself this video and a couple of extra minutes today.

“because the pears will not reveal their mystery if you ignore them.”

Thank you, Richard Siken, for building more road for us to walk on.


8 thoughts on ““because poetry can move the fulcrum of the mind…

  1. I usually don’t watch videos that are this long all the way through when I’m scanning through blogs. But today I made an exception. I’m so glad I did. This thoughtful poem/music pairing got under my skin. I’ll be thinking about this for a long time.

    • I’m happy to see you here, Kathleen. I’m also happy to read that this video spoke to you. How are you?

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